#FakeHunter Challenge - Information War

Take the challenge and join the fight against fake news, helping to create a fake-free web. You can have an impact on what other people read.


#FakeHunter Challenge/Information War

Meet the winners of the #FakeHunter Challenge/Information War which took place on November 18-19. During the 2 days of competition, over 1,300 applications were received! The participants fought for attractive prizes. 

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Information war online – what are the propaganda and disinformation messages used by Russians and how can we defend against them? Who is winning this online war? Children and young people – how to handle emotions and where to seek help?

We invite you to a series of interesting talks and debates live streamed on  https://fakehunter.pap.pl

The participants will include journalists, foreign correspondents, analysts and experts dealing with international affairs and information verification. We will be talking about such subjects as disinformation inspired and conducted by the Kremlin, the propaganda of the Russian authorities aimed at their citizens, the current state of war and the expected breakthrough in this war. 

Don’t miss it!

Meeting agenda

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The 6th #FakeHunter Challenge – Information War takes place on 18-19 November

The #FakeHunter Challenge is open to everybody who cares about championing access to reliable and trustworthy information, focusing especially on primary and secondary school students, higher school students, and the Ukrainian community.

The main theme of the 6th #FakeHunter Challenge is “Information War”, which includes disinformation spanning the political, military, economic, diplomacy and energy domains.

Every day we are exposed to risks connected with false and manipulated content about military, political and economic operations and events, and their consequences. This is of particular importance today, when a war is raging beyond our eastern border and each day brings more news about the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The sheer scale and infectiousness of fake news intended to incite social unrest and spread fear and panic all over the world can be likened to that of a virus.
That’s why we want to fight disinformation! Join the Challenge! Together we can have more impact on the things other people read.

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Join the fight against fake news on 18-19 November

Register today! We are waiting for you! Are you working alone or as part of a team? 

We have three competitions for you. 

The first one, The Hunt for Fake News, involves catching fake information on the web. 

The second one, #FakeHunter BrainStorm, favours creativity, openness to fresh solutions and foresight. We are waiting for your ideas that could enrich and enhance our fact-checking website in terms of content, functionality and technology. There are no restrictions in this category. 

The third competition, #FakeHunter – Edu Masters., is addressed at students of secondary schools. The task of class-based teams (no limits imposed on the number of participants) will be to create and submit an electronic presentation with the motto: “I don’t fall for fake news”. The teams should focus on, among other things, characterising the most dangerous and pervasive forms of disinformation encountered by young people on the web, presenting their own ways of identifying and dealing with fake news and providing ideas on how to avoid falling victim to fake news. 

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Attractive cash and in-kind prizes, as well as free workshops for schools.

It’s up to you if you want to enter as a team or on your own. The recipe for success is simple – the more work you submit with a positive assessment from the jury, the more points you get and the higher you can be on the podium.

Prizes for the best contestants in the Hunt for Fake News:
1st place – PLN 8,000, 2nd place – PLN 6,000, 3rd place – PLN 3,000

The prize for the most interesting idea in the #FakeHunter BrainStorm competition iPad


The prize for three class-based teams in the #FakeHunter – Edu Masters competition 3D design workshops led by experts from Centralny Dom Technologii.


In addition for the first twenty schools who write to the address fakehunter@pap.pl will be invited to attend workshops on information verification. The classes will be conducted by experts from the #FakeHunter portal who verify fake and manipulated information published on the web on a daily basis.

We are counting on your contribution in the fight against disinformation!

Take the challenge and submit your idea!

We will meet the winners on 25 November at 12:00.

Live stream on https://fakehunter.pap.pl


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Send us information about a particular piece of fake news, your idea or presentation

Have you already registered yourself or your team? Great! Now you can submit your competition entries from 00:01 on 18 November until 00:00 on 20 November. Use the form below, providing the same email address as the one you provided in the registration form.

Your work will be examined by the competition jury, which is composed of experts and fact-checkers from the #FakeHunter portal.  

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The challenge is split into three parts:

1) The Hunt for Fake News

2) #FakeHunter BrainStorm;

3) #FakeHunter – Edu Masters for students of secondary schools

The challenge is aimed at all Internet users who are over 13 years old and speak Polish or English. Competitions 1 & 2 are open to teams of 1 to 5 members. Competition 3 is for class-based teams from secondary schools entered by teachers, class teachers and tutors.

To participate in the competition you must first register and pick your team. 

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They support our action

The great commitment of our partners helped us organize the event, so important from the point of view of the fight against disinformation. We appreciate this cooperation and thank you all for supporting the project, which helps cleanse the web of false and misleading information

The competition is held under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Science.


Patronage- Krajowa Rada Radiofonii i Telewizji, Centrum GovTech, Centralny Dom Technologii, NASK

Media patronage - CyberDefence24