#FakeHunter Challenge/Geopolitics

„Take the challenge and join the fight against fake news by creating a network
without fake. You also have an influence on what others read.”


#FakeHunter Challenge / Geopolitics

Meet the winners of the #FakeHunter Challenge/Geopolitics competition, which took place on March 24 - 27. During the 4 days of competition, almost 2,000 applications and over 260 reports were received! The participants fought for attractive prizes.

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War takes place also online - what propaganda and disinformation messages are used by the Russians? Children and youth - how to talk about war and how to deal with difficult emotions?

We invite you to a series of interesting conversations and debates broadcast live on https://fakehunter.pap.pl

We will talk with our guests about the impact of the events beyond our eastern border on students, how to talk about it with Ukrainian peers and how to deal with difficult emotions. We will talk with scouts about how you can help Ukraine, escaping from war.

The interviewees will also include journalists, political scientists, publicists, and analysts dealing with international affairs. We will talk to them about the devastating war in Ukraine, disinformation inspired and led by the Kremlin, economic consequences for the whole world. We will try to trace the scale of fake news that appears about Poland in the foreign press and we will consider together with experts what it results from and how we should react.

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Attractive cash prizes for the best and free workshops for schools!

Take part in the competition and win one of the attractive financial prizes. It is up to you whether you want to work in a team or on your own. And the recipe for winning is simple - the more works submitted and correctly assessed by the jury, the more points and the place on the podium.

1st place - 8,000 PLN, 2nd place – 6,000 PLN, 3rd place – 3,000 PLN

We encourage elementary and secondary schools and universities to participate in the competition. For students of the first twenty schools who write to fakehunter@pap.pl, free workshops on information verification will be organized. Among the experts conducting the classes will be specialists from the #FakeHunter portal who verify false and manipulated information published on the Internet on a daily basis as well as GovTech Polska experts.

We count on your contribution to the fight against disinformation!

In addition to cash prizes, we also have a special prize for you – an iPad.

What does it take to win it? Submit your ideas that would help us to engage in the fight against disinformation and interest more Internet users than today, and enrich and improve the FakeHunter system. We are also waiting for thematic or organizational ideas for the next editions of the FakeHunter Challenge. Fake Hunter is a social project. We create it together with you and we want to develop and improve it with you.

Take up the challenge and submit your idea!

The winners of the competition will be announced on April 1st at 13.00 p.m.

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Join the fight against fake news on March 24th-27th

Sign up today! We are waiting for you!

According to the regulations, the competition is open to teams of 1 to 5 people. Points are awarded for reporting untrue information or preparing a fact-check report based on credible sources of information.

Join us in the fight against disinformation. You also have an influence on what others read. Share reliable and verified information on the web.

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Submit fake info, report or information about the source of the false information

Have you registered yourself or your team? Cool! You are ready to submit competition entries from 00:01 24.03 to 11:00 27.03. Use the form below, providing the same email address as provided on the registration form.

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Competition rules

The competition is open to all Internet users over 13 years of age who can speak Polish or English. Points from the works qualified and assessed by the jury are added up. Before that, you must register and decide on the composition of the team. Teams from 1 to 5 members can participate in the competition.

The competition consists of two competitions:
- hunting for fake news
- fact checking challenge

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The 5th edition of the #FakeHunter Challenge/Geopolitics competition on March 24th-27th

We invite everyone who wants to promote the idea of access to credible and reliable information to take part in the #FakeHunter Challenge competition, in particular primary and secondary school students, university students and the Ukrainian community.

Every day we are exposed to the danger of false and manipulated content concerning military, political and economic activities and their consequences. This is especially important now that we are witnessing Russian aggression against Ukraine. The scale of fake news aimed at generating social unrest, arousing anxiety and panic in the world is spreading like a virus.

The main theme of the 5th edition of the competition will be geopolitics, covering the political, military, economic, diplomatic and energy spheres.

The main theme of the fifth edition of the competition is geopolitics, i.e. the activities of states covering the political, military, economic, diplomatic and energy spheres.

Within four days, registered people, acting independently or in teams, will be able to report false information published on the Internet regarding, among others: the war in Ukraine, Russian military and political activities, aid provided to Ukrainian refugees by Poland, economic consequences caused by activities in the East . In addition, the thematic scope of the competition also includes content related to falsifying the image of the Polish state and distorting the history of Poland.

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They support our action

The great commitment of our partners helped us organize the event, so important from the point of view of the fight against disinformation. We appreciate this cooperation and thank you all for supporting the project, which helps cleanse the web of false and misleading information

The competition is held under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Science.


What is fake news and why is it so dangerous?

In cyberspace, false information, popularly known as fakes, is appearing more and more often on a scale larger than you think. They pertain to many areas of life, consciously or without being misleading. Anyone can be a victim of disinformation or even fraud. Without realizing what fake news is and how powerful it is, we believe what we read and watch too easily. The time of the coronavirus pandemic has shown the importance of the fight against false information. People started to believe that 5G technology causes Covid-19 disease and cancer, vaccines cause autism, and wearing face masks can be dangerous to your health. The victims of information scams on the Internet are, among others, ordinary people, public figures, companies whose market value is destroyed due to fake news.



See what we've already checked

Here you will find all verified information reported to us by Internet users. Find out what was real and what was wrong about the coronavirus, and use this source to rectify false information when you spot it.

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