How do we verify the information?

You can find a lot of fake information on the Internet these days. The sheer scale of this process led us to the point where we needed to turn for help to the others in order to properly fight this phenomenon. The verification alone, on the other hand, cannot entail any indication of an institution or private opinion. The main idea of this project is to invite the volunteers from all over the country, who were trained on checking the facts and the use of the whole system before. It is they as well as PAP journalists who will verify the requests sent to them via special app from Internet users. Before the checked information will go public, two unanimous decisions from our volunteers or one verdict from PAP worker must be made. The journalists while making the final verdict will check the selection and reliability of sources used by the social ‘fake hunters’. After a detailed analysis they will make the final decision and also inform the volunteers.

The #FakeHunter fact-checking team is an independent body within the Media Intelligence project of the Polish Press Agency. Its members, according to their competences, are representatives of various editorial offices and departments of PAP. However, their involvement and work for the #FakeHunter is completely independent of their professional duties and tasks performed in their respective organizational units of PAP.

The staff of the #FakeHunter:

#FakeHunter Lead Editors:

  • Grzegorz Rutke

    Journalist associated with such titles as: „Gazeta Finansowa”, „Trybuna Śląska” and „Gazeta Prawna”, and then the editor-in-chief of the Egmont Polska and Edipresse Polska publishing houses. He graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw.

  • Anna Gwozdowska

    Since 20 years in media. In the beginning in Polish Public Broadcaster TVP, then Polish Public Radio, Warsaw Business Journal, Głos Ameryki, Polska the Times, Przekrój, Focus, Wprost, and then Polish Radio again. Mrs Gwozdowska specializes in international affairs.

#FakeHunter team members: