#FakeHunter Challenge - Fake News Alert

Take the challenge and join the fight against fake news, helping to create a fake-free web. You can have an impact on what other people read.


#FakeHunter Challenge/Fake News Alert

Poznajcie zwycięzców #FakeHunter Challenge/Fake News Alert - konkursu, który odbył się w terminie 21-22 kwietnia. W ciągu 2 dni rywalizacji, napłynęło ponad 700 zgłoszeń! Uczestnicy walczyli o atrakcyjne nagrody!

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#FakeHunter Challenge - Fake News Alert

The winners of #FakeHunter Challenge - Fake News Alert will be announced on 28 April 2023. On 21-22 April 2023 the participants will compete for valuable cash and in-kind prizes.

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Information war online – what are the propaganda and disinformation messages used by Russians and how can we defend against them? Who is winning this web war?

See our series of exciting talks and debates streamed live on https://fakehunter.pap.pl. The participants will include journalists, foreign correspondents, analysts and experts dealing with international affairs and information verification.  We will discuss such topics as disinformation inspired and carried out by the Kremlin, the propaganda of the Russian authorities aimed at their citizens, the current state of war and the expected breakthrough in this war. 


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The 7th edition of the competition #FakeHunter Challenge - Fake News Alert on 21-22 April 2023

The competition #FakeHunter Challenge is intended for everyone who wants to promote the idea of access to reliable and trustworthy information.

Every day we are exposed to false and manipulated content in the subject matter of military, political and economic operations and their consequences. This is particularly important now, when we are witnessing Russia’s aggression on Ukraine. The scale of fake news aimed at inciting social unrest and divisions, stirring up anxiety and panic throughout the world, and destroying trust within societies and between allies is spreading like a virus.

This is why we want to fight disinformation! Join the competition! Together we can have a greater impact on what other people read.

The main theme of the 7th edition of the competition is “Fake News Alert”, which emphasises the need for  increased focus and alertness in response to the fake news flood and for actively combatting disinformation in the political, military, diplomatic and power domain.

Within the two days registered individuals acting on their own or in teams can report fake news published online on the following topics, among others: the war in Ukraine, Russia's military, propaganda and political operations, Poland's aid to Ukrainian refugees and relations between our nations, and the economic consequences of the situation in the East. The thematic scope of the competition also includes content related to falsifying the image of the Polish state and distorting the history of Poland.

Registration already behind you? That's great! Now it's time to start competing!

Contest form for the competition Hunt for fake news and #FakeHunter Photo-Video Detective:


Contest form for the competition "How to teach the fight against fake news?"


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Join the fight against fake news on 21-22 April 2023. Register today! We are waiting for you!

According to the rules and regulations, the competition tasks “The Hunt for Fake News” and “#FakeHunter Photo and Video Detective” can be joined by teams of 1 to 5 people. Points are awarded for reporting fake news or for suggestions and ideas to broaden the subject matter and introduce functional, technical and content-related improvements of the  #FakeHunter platform.

The competition task “How to teach fighting fake news?” is open to everyone – we are counting on the participation of teachers and other individuals dealing, among others, with young people's education. Prizes are awarded for preparing and sending an entry, a description or presentation of an idea or project in electronic form under the title “How to teach fighting fake news?” with the form made available on the competition's website.

Let’s join our forces in the fight against disinformation. You can also have an impact on what other people read. Share and publish online trustworthy and verified information.
Submit your entry for the competition task “The Hunt for Fake News” and “#FakeHunter Photo and Video Detective” 


Submit your entry for the competition task “How to teach fighting fake news?”


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Valuable cash prizes for the best contestants spotting fake news

Take part in the challenge and win one of the valuable prizes! It’s up to you if you want to work in a team or on your own. The recipe for winning is simple – the more correctly submitted and jury-evaluated entries you make, the more points you get, with a chance for a podium.

The prizes for the best contestants in the competition tasks “The Hunt for Fake News” and “#FakeHunter Photo and Video Detective” with an accumulated score: 

1st place – PLN 8,000, 2nd place – PLN 6,000, 3rd place – PLN 3,000

The competition task “How to teach fighting fake news?” is designed for everyone, in particular for teachers, tutors and other educators at all levels. The prize for the best project, idea or concept of teaching how to fight disinformation in this competition task is an e-book reader.

Take the challenge and submit your idea!

We count on your contribution to the fight against disinformation!

Winners will be announced on 28 April 2023 at 1 p.m.

Rules and Regulations

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Rules of the challenge

The competition consists of three tasks:
1) The Hunt for Fake News;
2) #FakeHunter Photo and Video Detective;
3) #FakeHunter – How to teach fighting fake news?

The competition is aimed at all Internet users who are over 13 years old and speak Polish or English. The points from correctly submitted and jury-evaluated entries in competition tasks 1) and 2) are accumulated. Competition tasks 1 & 2 are open to teams of 1 to 5 members.  Competition task 3) is intended for individual participants.

Before joining the competition you must first register and pick your team. 

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They support our action

The great commitment of our partners helped us organize the event, so important from the point of view of the fight against disinformation. We appreciate this cooperation and thank you all for supporting the project, which helps cleanse the web of false and misleading information.