#FakeHunter Challenge - Energy and climate

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Join the fight against fake news on November 23-25, 2023.


Winners of the #FakeHunter Challenge – Energy and Climate

Meet the winners of the #FakeHunter Challenge/Energy and Climate - a competition that took place between November 23-25. During 3 days of competition, participants tracked down false information on the web in the energy, fuel or renewable energy sphere and competed for attractive prizes!

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We have selected the winners!

Watch coverage of the announcement of the #FakeHunter Challenge/Energy and Climate results.


#FakeHunter Challenge/Energy and Climate

Watch coverage of the #FakeHunter Challenge/Energy and Climate debate, which took place on November 20! Our experts discussed fake news in the spheres of energy, fuel, renewables and climate change.


The 8th #FakeHunter Challenge – Energy and Climate takes place on 23-25 November 2023.

Every day we are exposed to risks connected with false and manipulated content about military, political and economic operations and events, and their consequences. This is of particular importance today, when we are witnessing Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and other global turbulences. The sheer scale of infectiousness of fake news intended to mislead society, incite negative and destructive attitudes, create and foster divisions, spread fear and panic, and destroy social trust can be linked to that of a virus.

That’s why we want to fight disinformation! Join the Challenge! Together we can have more impact on the things other people read.


Join the fight against fake news on 23–25 November 2023.

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In line with the Rules and Regulations, “Fake News Hunt” and  “#FakeHunter Photo-Video Detective” competitions are open to teams of 1 to 5 people. Points are granted for reporting fake news, or for submitting suggestions and ideas which can enhance the #FakeHunter platform in terms of functionality, technology and content.
Join the challenge in the “Fake News Hunt” and  “#FakeHunter Photo-Video Detective”  categories.

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Competition topic

„Energy and Climate"

The leading motives of the 8th #FakeHunter Challenge are energy and climate, highlighting concentration and increased attention in the face of fake news proliferation, active fight with disinformation in the energy, fuel, renewable and alternative energy sources domains, with all their economic, social, political and security aspects, referring to both the state and citizens, as well as a wide range of issues connected with climate change, global warming, weather phenomena, and all sorts of reports on the occurrences and processes reflecting the actual or alleged consequences of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Alone or in teams

For two days, registered persons, acting individually or in teams, will be able to report fake news detected online, concerning fuel, oil, gas and other markets, coal, its availability and emissivity, pipelines, fuel transport, all aspects of nuclear energy, renewable energy sources, heat pumps and any similar devices replacing traditional energy systems, as well as different aspects and economic consequences of what is going on in the energy and climate change domains. In addition, the thematic scope of the challenge includes content related to new technologies linked to energy changes, electric cars, and alternative fuels.

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Online disinformation on energy and climate ‒ what propaganda and disinformation messages can we encounter online and how can we defend against them? Can such fake news be effectively countered?

We invite you to join the discussion and watch the videos on https://fake-hunter.pap.pl/challengeVIII. The discussion will be attended by journalists, foreign correspondents, analysts and experts dealing with energy issues, RES, climate change and information verification. 

our interlocutors

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Attractive cash and in-kind prizes for the best competitors hunting down fake news.

Take up the challenge and win an attractive prize.  It’s up to you if you want to enter as a team or on your own. The recipe for success is simple – the more work you submit with a positive assessment from the jury, the more points you get and the higher you can be on the podium.

These are the prizes for the best competitors in the two #FakeHunter Challenge categories: “Fake News Hunt” and  “#FakeHunter Photo-Video Detective”, to be scored jointly:

1st place – PLN 8,000, 2nd place – PLN 6,000, 3rd place – PLN 3,000

Take up the challenge, report suspicious content and win prizes!

Winners will be announced on 1 December 2023 at 12.00.

Rules and regulations

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Send us information about a particular text or image that constitutes fake news

Have you already registered yourself or your team? Great! Now you can submit your competition entries from 00:01 on 23 November to 23:59 on 25 November. Use the link which will be provided below on 23 November 2023 once the competition is launched. There you will find information about the methods of submitting your competition entries using plugs, apps or a #FakeHunter chatbot, providing the same email address as the one you provided in the registration form.

Link to submit entries:


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How to compete

The challenge is split into two parts:

1) Fake News Hunt; and
2) # FakeHunter Photo-Video Detective;

The challenge is aimed at all Internet users who are over 13 years old and speak Polish or English. Points granted for the qualified entries submitted for competitions 1 and 2, and assessed by the jury, will add up. Competitions 1 and 2 are open to teams of 1 to 5 members.

To participate in the competition you must first register and pick your team.

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